Check Printing Software

Three of the Best Check Printing Software Solutions

Writing checks? You might be forgiven for thinking that checks are a thing of the past with the advent of contact-free payment and mobile-based banking apps. The truth is a little different, however!

While it may be true that fewer people are carrying physical checks with them, many businesses still make use of digital checks to keep track of their finances. For sending and receiving payments reliably, checks are often used by payroll departments as a handy method of dealing with money transfers on a daily basis.

Since writing checks has moved forward into the digital age, there is now a host of options when it comes to check printing software. With so many to choose from, buckle up as we take you on a quick tour of some of the best digital check printing software!


Checkworks is one of our favorite small check printing solutions. Entirely based in the USA, they create and print custom checks for a range of purposes.

Our favorite feature of Checkworks is its flexibility. First of all, it is able to offer custom checks directly to a consumer, but also to businesses. With experience in providing quality checks to banks, credit unions and any other type of business that could need them, it prides itself on low industry prices and customizable designs. 

Not only this, but it also provides checks compatible with any type of printer – inkjet or laser. You can even find checks suitable for the visually impaired.

Also, Checkworks is known to throw in 30% extra free checks with every box ordered! If you find yourself in need of designer checks for business purposes, Checkworks is likely to have an affordable, high-quality solution available.

Online Check Writer

The great thing about Online Check Writer is that it offers services on different levels, from a free individual plan to a scaled-up solution for small to large businesses. 

If you are looking for reliability, this could be the solution for you: Online Check Writer has been trusted by over 100,000 customers to handle over $2 billion worth of check payments. 

Offering printed checks for traditionalists or a fully online digital check-sending solution, you can try this check printing software for 15 days for free. 

Online Check Writer can be used on both Windows and Mac devices, so your business is likely going to have the required hardware to operate this check printing solution.


Another piece of check printing software that is compatible with both Windows and Mac, CheckBuilderPro is a US-only solution that has been available since 2010. It offers a free demo and although it was originally developed with Mac and iOS compatibility in mind, it has recently been updated to be perfectly paired with Windows devices. 

With a nifty feature that allows you to create blank checks and integrate with popular accounting software like QuickBooks, this is definitely one of our favorite check printing softwares available.

Like any strong solution should, CheckBuilderPro allows you to create new checks in one click based on older entries, batch print, track transactions and customize checks with your business color scheme and fonts.

Check printing software is widespread nowadays, but this short guide should give you a helping hand when selecting a solution that could be right for you and your business. Consider the kind of device you will be running the software on and how often you think you will need to be printing checks.