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Basics for website owner 

Through the years we have encountered various situations where clients call us with no idea of who is hosting their website, how to control the domain, or what is a control panel and how to use it.

Many are in panic because they are unable to get updates and changes done, and don’t have access to login to fix broken pages. They depend on us to help, give them details on how to begin, or assistance with organizing their sites.  

It is important to know what runs your website. We recommend that a client take the time to familiarize themselves with how it is built, how to access, update and even learn who they are paying, and why.

Basics every web site owner should know

  • Who is hosting the web site
  • How the website is built/platform
  • Where is the domain managed
  • How do you manage the web site
  • What are control panels and how to use them
  • Who you are paying to run a web site and why
  • Employ someone to consult with you if needed, someone who knows or can help to rectify issues you can’t

Get your web site presence organized and know the basics of what it takes to have an internet presence.  Call to talk if you need assistance to evaluate your site issues, our consult is free.


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